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Fast facts about recent news involving VSAC:

Visit our Facebook page at vsac.org/Stories to view inspirational videos of four young adults who appear in TV ads that we began running earlier this year. You can also read about these four, plus two others who were interviewed, to find out how they surmounted obstacles to reach their education goals.

Student loan debt has been in the news a great deal lately. Visit our News and Views section to read loan-related and other op-eds by VSAC CEO Scott Giles.

VSAC provides low-cost education loans for students to supplement federal borrowing and – as of 2016 – we now also offer education loans to parents. These loans are credit-based. Interest rates are fixed and depend on the repayment option chosen. Both the parent and student loans have rates as low as 4.8% APR – that’s lower than the federal Direct PLUS! For more information, visit vsac.org/vermontadvantageloan.

Visit the News & Views section of this site for more news about VSAC.