About VSAC

VSAC is a public, nonprofit corporation created by the state in 1965 to help Vermonters plan and pay for education or training beyond high school.

Following is VSAC’s management team:

VSAC Executive Committee

  • Scott Giles, President & CEO (bio)
  • Tom Little, Vice President & General Counsel (bio)
  • Mike Stuart, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (bio)
  • Marilyn J. Cargill, Vice President of Financial Aid Services and Research (bio)
  • Patrick J. Leduc, CIO & Vice President of Career and Education Outreach (bio)

VSAC Staff Directors

  • Wanda Arce, Research
  • Bruce Hicken, Finance & Controller
  • Jaye O’Connell, Compliance & Information Security Officer
  • Laurie M. Oliver, Internal Audit & Risk Management
  • Sabina Haskell, Public Affairs
  • Deborah Unica, Social Marketing & VHEIP